"I went to Elaine for a session because I wanted to clear my chakras and restore my energy.

I was relaxed and at ease with Elaine immediately.  I closed my eyes and just opened up my energy field to her.  What an amazing experience that was.  First I saw colors through my third eye, a brilliant indigo circle followed shortly by a bright yellow circle that pulsed and seemed to follow my heartbeat.

The next sensation I had was if I had strings attached to different parts of my body, and they were being pulled and I felt like I was suspended by those strings.  I felt so relaxed and I just pictured myself floating suspended by energy cords.  

Soon after my body began to have a wave sensation that would flow through each Chakra. I felt my energy moving up and down, over and over.  I felt perfectly balanced in that moment.  

I was with Elaine for an hour but it felt like 20 minutes because I was in such a state of peace.

When she was done I shared with her my experience with the cleansing and balancing.  I continued talking and talking and we shared a beautiful conversation, heart to heart.

I have always been a hyper sensitive person; some energies are too much for me.  I feel everything!  With that said, I was very impressed with how Elaine truly could tap in to my energy  field I had opened to her.  I had enjoyed the energy transferral we shared; it's amazing how healing humans can be for each other when they are able to open themselves up.  I will definitely be setting up another session with her in a few months.  Thanks crystalswithjem!"
-Vanessa Sturing

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